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Empower OfficeEmpower MediaMarketing is one of the largest independently-held media agencies in the  U.S. We plan, buy and create media while delivering proof that our clients’ single-largest marketing expenditure is driving positive results.

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Empower MediaMarketing is part of The Empower Group, an independent network of companies focused on building brands and business for its clients.

How Empower is Different

We Prove It
Considering a brand’s single largest expenditure is typically its paid media investment, Empower believes every brand should be able to connect this investment to real results. This requires a partnership between Empower and our clients, sharing only the most important pieces of data, to make this connection.

We’re Independent
Since we’re independently-held, we can stay nimble and flexible to meet our clients’ needs.

We Create Media
In the larger media mix, content is critical to building stronger connections to the consumer. We help marketers become publishers to capitalize on the potential of content marketing.

Empower’s Services
Proof is the ultimate deliverable in marketing. Empower’s well-established services help us show the value of every dollar our clients invest in media. To help do this, our offerings are organized by our focus on media. The end result is that we’re the difference between hoping and knowing.

Plan: Our Client Leadership and Communication Planning teams are campaign architects who translate insights into strategic media plans.

Buy: Our Media Buying team has deep expertise across all facets of paid media: from digital, broadcast and print (at the national and local levels) to out-of-home, mobile, social and search marketing.

Empower understands how paid, earned and owned media are interacting — and converging. That’s why we take a media-neutral approach to each plan we craft. We also build in flexibility, so we can optimize and iterate plans to meet the changing demands of business.

Create: Magnetic Content Studios, Empower’s content marketing division, helps brands become publishers by producing and leveraging owned media. Magnetic’s process helps brands create content their consumers are seeking — content that engages, acquires and retains audiences.

Prove: Our Decision Sciences team develops, analyzes and interprets information from multiple sources to uncover insights about your consumer, your media and your data.



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