We’re easy to find online or offline. Here are links to our various homes online, as well as a few more nostalgic offline options.


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Media is Power
We create media for our clients. Media is Power is an example of media we created for ourselves. This independent media platform tracks the changing media landscape. Get a read on the latest media news »
Phone & Directions
Sometimes you just need to pick up the phone and give someone a call. Or you need to actually meet physically. You can easily do both »
Proving Media's Impact. Empower’s Kevin Dugan (@prblog) and others post here. Follow Empower »
Join us on Facebook! We post interesting stories and some of the lighter side of Empower MediaMarketing. Empower on Facebook »
If Facebook is where the lighter side of Empower lives, then consider LinkedIn our professional social space. Connect with current and former Empower MediaMarketing employees here. Join us on LinkedIn »
All the videos we produce are hosted on our YouTube page. Visit the Empower MediaMarketing Channel »
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