Our History

Thirty years ago, Mary Beth Price took a risk few others were willing to take by creating one of the first media agencies, Media That Works (now Empower MediaMarketing).

She understood that as consumer media choices fragmented, marketers had new opportunities to reach niche audiences.

She built a media-focused agency on full transparency of all sales and media data, customized local and national plan approaches and true agency/client collaboration.

Empower’s first client was LensCrafters. Launched by Procter & Gamble alum Dean Butler, LensCrafters was a totally new retail concept: eyeglasses that would be ready in about an hour. Butler’s intention from the beginning was to turn LensCrafters into a national brand.

Finding that few agencies understood the analytical rigor that he wanted to supply to his business, Butler turned to Mary Beth. Collectively, Empower and LensCrafters progressed from three active media-supported markets in 1985 to becoming a national advertiser with additional local activity in over 200 markets less than 10 years later.



Thirty years later, under the leadership of Jim Price, Mary Beth’s son, we are still driving business outcomes for a current roster of 25+ clients through our constant quest to embrace the on-going diversity of media. All we do is built upon our 5 guiding principles of data, insights, flexibility, innovation and proof.

Jim has led the agency to embrace constant change.  Through the strategic addition of digital marketing communications, word of mouth, social, and programmatic technologies, Empower has expanded and grown by double digits over the last five years.

Empower MediaMarketing, now with over 180 people, remains a family-owned, certified woman-owned business that leads by establishing a set of guidelines you will not find at most holding company agencies. As one of the largest U.S. media independents left, we pride ourselves on a culture of trust and transparency.

Learn more about what we do, who we work with, how we innovate, who we are today and how we are leading the industry to change.


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