The Relevancy Imperative™

Realize the Competitive Advantage of Shared Meaning

Marketing Effectiveness Hinges on Relevance

Consumers are bombarded with 5000+ messages a day, most of which they ignore. The messages aren’t relevant enough to break through the shield of ad-avoidance. Think about it – can you remember any of the messages you saw yesterday? If you can, it was probably relevant to you. It provided information, saved time, or made you laugh. To break through the deluge, we must craft and deliver messages consumers care about, when and where they are receptive.

Marketing Efficiency Hinges on Relevance

Messages must be relevant to the consumer to reach the consumer. Due to algorithms that control what messages consumers see, marketers face exploding costs and diminishing returns. It will cost more tomorrow to reach the same people we do today.

Legacy: Relevancy = Creative Process

Being irrelevant is no longer an option. Campaigns of the past tend to focus entirely on what the brand cares about, or what the consumers care about. To find Relevancy, we must connect both of those concepts.

This process solves for both.

We say: Relevancy = Shared Meaning


We ensure Relevancy by figuring out the intersection of what a brand cares about and what the consumer cares about—in other words, Shared Meaning—and then using it to lead marketing efforts. But we don’t want just one Shared Meaning, we are really looking for Shared Meanings, each of which is highly meaningful to sub-groups inside the target.

Message and Media

We can no longer solve for the Media and the Message separately. We have to solve for them both at the same time, because the combination is more than just additive, it is synergistic and catalytic.

The Media impacts the Message: new tech, new placements, new targeting mechanisms, and new data sources spawn new messages.

And the Message impacts the Media: new contexts, articulations, sub-targets influence new placements.

Why Empower?

Without Relevance, you can’t connect with consumers. We use Shared Meaning to deliver Relevance and to connect the message to the media, resulting in superior business outcomes.

Relevance research and Shared Meaning research integrate medium and message to maximize consumer understanding and assimilation of the message. We are in a unique and privileged position to do this. As a media agency, we have greater control over the distribution of messages, which lets us deliver meaning at scale. We are free to align message and media for the client.

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