Making Social Media an Ad Medium

On October 21, 2008

An Interview with:

Jim Price
Vice President, Media Innovation, Empower MediaMarketing
October 20, 2008

Jim Price heads Empower MediaMarketing’s efforts to integrate digital media and marketing, including word-of-mouth and mobile marketing, into clients’ media plans. His 15-person team formulates digital media plans that include strategy, creative, search and analytics, and the [...]

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Why are all eyes on OOH?
It’s true that all eyes are on OOH these days: marketers, Wall Street, media planners, traditional media companies, consumers.  New formats, lifestyle changes that have consumers spending more time away from home than ever, and new technologies are converging to make this a dramatic time in the industry.  [...]

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This is a pivotal time in the Out of Home (OOH) industry, given its strong recent growth, bright outlook and many exciting changes taking place.  Foremost among these changes is a new outdoor audience measurement system, Eyes on Ratings, which will literally transform the way outdoor is bought and sold in 2009.    Empower’s take:  while [...]

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