Radio Survival Guide for ‘09

On February 24, 2009

Although 2009 is predicted to be a year of great economic struggle for many in the advertising world, it could also be a year that provides the greatest innovation and opportunity.  Radio vendors are taking advantage of this time by selling new and unique opportunities.  Clients, agencies and vendors alike, are rethinking how they have [...]

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Need a way to positively impact P&L and save the marketing budget too?  Consider Corporate Barter.

Corporate bartering can provide some creative problem solving – turning challenges into opportunities.  During these tough economic times, corporate barter allows clients to trade distressed assets that have lost value and convert the trade into a working marketing budget. 


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2008 Political Season Recap

On February 19, 2009


The 2008 political elections were highly anticipated. A multitude of presidential hopefuls, along with the entire House and one-third of the Senate was up for re-election.  With so much on the line many experts predicted the media spending for this election cycle would surpass $4 billion! 

Empower anticipated this heavy level of activity starting [...]

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Nielsen’s New Radio Monitoring Service – What it means for Radio Advertisers
Recently Nielsen Media Research announced it will enter the radio monitoring business in 50 small and mid-sized markets.  The decision brings Nielsen into direct competition with Arbitron’s near monopoly in the measurement of U.S. radio ratings. Empower’s clients who are active radio [...]

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