As consumer magazines continue to struggle with declining ad spending, publishers are finding new ways to bring content to readers across different devices so they can create a two way connection with readers. Some recent headlines showcase this evolution in devices that will be available to advertisers in 2010.

E-Readers Extend Functionality
2009 [...]

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Despite digital’s seamless presence in my daily habits, Sunday includes a read of my local paper. It’s a bit of a ritual – one that research suggests will not be picked up by my children.

Regardless, one story in particular stood out: “Data deluge will reboot our brains.”

“Through emails, [...]

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The holidays serve up an excellent opportunity for retailers and consumer brands to surprise and delight their customers with a temporary, unconventional surprise.

Consider pop-up retail. Retailers use pop-up concepts to reach new markets, reinforce their brand and test concepts more cost-effectively. These experiences also yield a large return in marketing buzz that usually [...]

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