:: by Maria Topken, Senior Vice President of Media Strategy

A steady flow of enthusiastic news stories makes it seem that iPad applications are mobile super heroes. Apps are being described as being able to help, and sometimes even save, mainstream media in a single download.

The enthusiasm is understandable as [...]

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While return on investment (ROI) is the gold standard for proving the success of marketing activities, the calculation for some media campaigns can be blurred by cross channel integration, competitive activity and uncontrollable economic and environmental factors.

There is an alternative. Return on objective (ROO) enables teams to prove campaign impact when it’s not possible [...]

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Research continues to show the value of brands investing in long-term social media programs. This is welcome news to any company considering a social media program. For the brands already participating in social media, however, it’s old news. Brands like Starbucks, Humana, Best Buy and Michaels are seeing business results from [...]

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A Better Year For TV Viewers?

On September 2, 2010

After a year chock full of clunker’s like Conveyer Belt of Love and Jay Leno will viewers find better fare this year?  The answer is…not likely. 

While each network has one or two shows that have potential for moderate success, not one looks to be a bona fide hit like this season’s Modern Family.Drama, Comedy [...]

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