UPDATE: See the end of this post for a link to screen grabs and first impressions of the Starbucks Digital Network experience.

Starbucks is giving customers one more reason to stop in, and to stick around, with Starbucks Digital Network. In a partnership with Yahoo, its taking exclusive content and free downloads that are only [...]

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Marketing with a Purpose in Mind

On October 19, 2010

This year was the ANA’s (Association of National Advertisers) 100th year in operation and my first year in attendance. The conference was headlined by CMO’s from the world’s leading brands such as P&G, Kellogg’s, RIM, Fidelity, Coke, Target, Samsung, Geico, Dell and of course Google.

The event’s nearly 1,500 attendees heard primarily [...]

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On Taking a Media First Approach

On October 12, 2010

:: By Regina Lithen, Empower MediaMarketing Senior Vice President of Client Strategy

In response to Ad Age’s article, “Why Marketers Shouldn’t Always Blame the Media“ I’ll suggest marketers can assign blame or credit to their media agency partners based on the busines results — just as long as they don’t forget to test creative.

Marketers [...]

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:: By Melissa Booth, Quality Assurance Specialist

Almost anyone interested in technology has heard the term cloud computing tossed about—sometimes with excitement, sometimes with skepticism, sometimes with confusion. This post explores “the cloud,” its connection to social media and its potential for marketers.

What’s cloud computing?
Cloud computing is so new [...]

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