Based on Empower’s past social media research, online buzz can help predict 2011 Oscar winners.

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Is TV Content Dead or Dying?

On February 26, 2011

:: By Michele Toller, Director of National Media

Is TV content dead or dying? Neither.

In fact it’s full of life. The Grammy’s, Super Bowl XLV, NBA – All Star Game, and Daytona 500 all garnered record high ratings and the Oscars is poised to do the same. Entertainment is and will remain part of our DNA.

Leaning [...]

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Cable networks are becoming a bigger factor in the overall TV experience. The Hollywood Reporter recently predicted that the Super Bowl will move to cable TV. And I think they’re right.

As we get ready for March Madness, turning to CBS for full coverage is out the door – viewers will need to search CBS, TBS, TNT and TruTV for games (thru the Sweet 16). The BCS Championship Series (and the majority of the bowl games) aired on ESPN in January 2011 – did you ever think that would happen?

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Research shows an untapped shopper marketing opportunity in broadening mobile marketing focus to include mobile applications and text campaigns in addition to mobile sites and mobile search.

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