By:: Amanda Duncan, PR/Marketing Intern

How can Twitter become even more popular? Simple, add vintage 8-bit gaming into the mix. Tweet Land, an upcoming game currently being supported by Kickstarter, incorporates 8-bit gaming with real life tweets throughout the world.

The game is funded by individual fans who, in exchange for their micro-investment, are rewarded [...]

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By:: Berit Dotts, Senior Local Broadcast Buying Strategist

Sporting events are now addressing the growing consumer demand for more ways to consume content. A great example of this is the recent NCAA March Madness. With more channel options, March Madness saw increased viewership. It will be interesting to see if the Kentucky Derby and [...]

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:: By Jill Beliasov, Senior Local Buying Strategist

We can all agree that Social Media and Traditional Media are not the same.Their purpose, their target, and their means are completely different.

So why do [...]

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 :: By Kevin Dugan, Director of Marketing

Starbucks, Best Buy and Home Depot are some of the most successful brands in social media.

And one of the secrets to their success can be found offline.

Starbucks makes sure customers have access to exclusive content through its Starbucks Digital Network. Best Buy uses [...]

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For quite some time it has been feared that the FTC would severely limit the online advertising and marketing world by implementing a “Do Not Track list” similar to what has been deployed in the offline world. The Digital Advertising Alliance has recognized the potentially devastating effects that improper control from the FTC could have on our industry. To address this situation, the Digital Advertising Alliance has developed the Self-Regulatory Online Behavioral Advertising program in response to these measures to ensure tracking transparency and protect our industry while addressing consumer privacy concerns.

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Channel Peer

On April 14, 2011

There’s no arguing that personal communication and the sharing of ideas has thread itself into the fabric of our lives. A variety of tools and channels allow us to share, but as new platforms join old ones, how we share is certainly changing.

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