Where Have All the Kids Gone?

On November 30, 2011


In Ad Age’s recent “Kids’ nets face the mystery of missing children”, Brian Steinberg poses some questions that giants like Nielsen and Nickelodeon are asking about the drop in viewership of their coveted 2 to 11 year-old audience.

Viacom’s executives called the more than 20 percent drop as an ‘inexplicable [...]

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In May, Arbitron announced they were testing an experimental approach to measuring mid-sized and small radio markets.

Named Project Leapfrog, the program’s goal is to find alternative ways of measuring radio beyond today’s paper diaries that the non-local people meter (LPM) markets currently use. While even more [...]

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Family Meal Decisions Factor In Cost, Nutrition and Convenience

Is it cheaper to eat out than to cook at home?  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, grocery prices have increased 5.4 percent during the last twelve months — more than double the total gain in menu prices during the same period.

Consumer [...]

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Every year trends sweep the nation that offers us, as consumers, the chance to experience something new.

The trend eventually fades or becomes engrained in our daily life. All of these experiences impact our perceptions and consequent actions.

The Experience Comes to You
A few years ago, food trucks [...]

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Punch lines, one liners, tweetable inspirations, all speakers have them.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this year’s PRSA International Conference.

1.)    “If you want to catch a fish, you need to think like a fish. Use the bait fish like, not the bait you like. If you want to engage [...]

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Digital platforms and tactics have created a world of marketers obsessed with CPA (cost per acquisition). I’m not suggesting that CPA isn’t a perfectly fine Key Performance Indicator (KPI), but is it the only one that should be taken into consideration? Last week I attended Google’s annual Think Finance event. I give a lot of [...]

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