This is the first in a new series of Empower MediaMarketing (EMM) Product Profiles. These overviews are of Empower products and services we offer clients to help us quickly deliver insights on your brand, your consumer and your business in a world where media can change Every Day.

Need to know why sales in Chicago are sinking faster than the Cubs chance at a Series title? Are your customers in Minneapolis miffed? Need to know why consumers are selecting your competitor’s product over yours on a crowded store shelf? Store Patrol may help answer these questions — quickly.

What is Store Patrol?
Store Patrol provides immediate retail intelligence and consumer insight through our national panel of consumers. Store Patrol’s national network of more than 100,000 consumers are screened and trained to complete most projects in just a few days.

Common Uses of Store Patrol
Store Patrol has several applications for brands in a variety of categories, including CPG and retail in particular.

  • Retail Audits: Check on store signage, displays and competitive pricing.
  • Mystery Shopping: Ensure your operations are meeting your customer needs.
  • In-Store Compliance: Confirm your in-store materials like signage and shelf talkers, are being installed correctly.
  • Path-to-Purchase Research: Learn what consumers are thinking from the moment they enter the parking lot through the entire purchase experience.
  • Ethnographic Research: Gain access to consumers at the moment they use your product.

Benefits of Store Patrol

  • Affordable
  • Scalable for most needs
  • Fast – results provided usually in just a few days
  • Nationwide network of agents ensure wide coverage

Store Patrol Features

  • Time, date and GPS verification
  • Photo confirmation
  • All shoppers are tracked and screened

If your brand could benefit from Store Patrol, our newest in-store shopper insight tool, contact Kirby Thornton, Director of Consumer Insights at (513) 719-6235 or


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