Empower CEO Jim Price joined a variety of entrepreneurs, academics, venture capitalists and area leaders to discuss innovation.

“All About Innovation” was sponsored by Enquirer Media and the Greater Cincinnati Venture Association. Held in the historic Emery Theatre, it felt like a wonderful paradox of sorts. However, while the focus was local innovation, the impact of the presenters content is far-reaching

*University of Cincinnati’s Dr. Jason Heikenfeld discussed an electrofluidic display technology which is being used to impact e-readers, smart phones, signage and display technology, boasting the color levels of traditional screens with the thickness of e-paper.

* Northern Kentucky University’s dean of informatics showed attendees how its state of the art program is cultivating sought after graduates for jobs in cyber security, mobile and social media, health technology as well as analytics, market intelligence and cloud computing.

Jim’s deck is above as he outlined 10 Ways Agencies and Media are changing. Technology, convergence and an unprecedented rate of change is impacting consumers, media and brands. Jim’s deck highlights some of this and, while the themes should ring familiar to the marketing industry, they’re helpful reminders as we head into 2012.

:: By Kevin Dugan, Marketing Director

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