While Google announced recently a few of its projects will be shut down, it also introduced some new projects for search engine marketers to consider. It’s latest program is called Dynamic Search Ads.

Cut Clutter, Increase Conversions
This new program cuts through the clutter and eliminates the need for keywords in PPC advertising.  Now instead of using keywords to trigger ads that point to websites, advertisers can submit a URL, Google will dynamically create the text ad and it will be matched to what Google thinks are relevant keyword queries.  With these new dynamic ads, Google will automatically generate a headline based on site content, but advertisers still have control of description line 1 and 2 of text ads.  On average, advertisers are seeing five to ten percent increase in conversions.

Dynamic Ads a Fit for E-Commerce Sites
Advertisers will now be able to take keyword lists/builds out of the campaign process altogether if they choose.  If you submit your site to be regularly crawled, Google will populate text ad headlines with information based on the content on your site.  This is a great program for retailers and any e-commerce sites with changing inventory — the crawlers will be aware of inventory levels and produce up-to-date ads.

The only thing to note is that Google will not display the dynamically generated ad if the advertiser already has a campaign targeting the specific search term.

Join the beta here, at your own risk—it’s not recommended for advertisers who have flash-heavy sites, or for advertisers in the healthcare or financial service verticals.

::By Dwight Pirtle, Digital Search Associate

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