The introduction of QR codes into television commercials is exciting and presents new opportunities for different media vehicles to work together.  It provides a way to reach the consumer during an impact moment and may increase the chance of purchase. 

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Empower’s recommendation is to keep a pulse on the technology as more advertisers utilize QR codes in commercials. As consumers gain awareness of QR codes, their use will increase. And QR codes can definitely complement a multi-platform integration.

Closet Confessions
QR Code TV CreativeFor example Bluefly, an online retail website where designer clothes are sold at discount prices, did a campaign across Bravo titled “Closet Confessions” using celebrities to show their personal closet.  At the end of the commercial, a QR code appears telling users to get their phones ready to take a picture of the bar code to receive a coupon at Bluefly.  Bluefly did a multi-platform deal across Bravo through national cable, digital and mobile.  According to the CMO of Bluefly, shopping orders have increased an average of 50 percent.

QR codes will allow the viewer to interact with a product on the spot. Viewers’ reaction time to the product will be almost instantaneous.   Consumers can download information, coupons and opt in for contests, promotions and coupons.  Macy’s, HBO and Duncan Hines are other brands leveraging QR codes in television to further engage and provide content to consumers.

Advertisers must consider that not all viewers may understand what a QR code is or how to use it; however, if education of QR codes increases advertisers will be able succesful in leveraging this technology in television creative.

:: Lisa Showalter, Empower MediaMarketing National Broadcast Buying Strategist 

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