Twitter’s growth has been exhausting to watch. In just three years it surpassed The New York Times for number of monthly unique visitors.

The growth and intense media attention has also seemingly polarized people into one of two camps. Either you have better things to do and “don’t care about what Joe had for lunch” or you think Twitter’s the best thing since sliced bread — and suspect it can probably bake bread too.

We fall somewhere in the pragmatic middle. Twitter is a very useful utility that can, amongst other things, become an extension of a company’s customer service team. has invested heavily in Twitter to make this happen and the latest example in the above video comes from Best Buy’s Twelpforce.

Twitter has finally weighed in on all of the hype and misinformation with its own Twitter 101 site. You can download the business case for Twitter in slide or written format to explain Twitter to just about anybody. For more about the guide, check out our new Social Study blog.

In the meantime, feel free to follow us on Twitter. We won’t bore you with what we had for lunch, but we will be posting links of interest and weighing in with our own take on our fast-changing industries.

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