When it comes to mobile phones, not all are created equal.  The mobile ecosystem is divided into three categories: basic mobile phones, smartphones, and the iPhone. Although all of these handsets play an important role in our daily lives, iPhone users would say their phone changed their lives.  With the iPhone, we are seeing an evolution of consumer habits, as it relates to how mobile phones are used.  From its screen size and touch screen capabilities, to its sophisticated operating system and network speed, the iPhone is capable of delivering highly engaging interactions.

Although penetration for the iPhone currently represents a relatively small portion of U.S. mobile subscribers, it leads the industry in mobile data usage.  To put it simply, this means that iPhone users have greater engagement with their phones, compared to non-iPhone users.  Further supporting this point, recent studies have shown that iPhone users are twice as likely as other mobile users to browse the mobile web and view mobile video . . . and more than three times as likely to use location-based services on their phones. 

There is good news for marketers here, with a recent study revealing that 41% of iPhone users respond when exposed to ads on their phones.  With all of this said, the iPhone has proven that mobile media is not going away, as growth is inevitable for marketers who choose to tap into mobile devices for communicating with consumers.   As consumers move beyond appreciation to expectation in the palm of their hand, nothing gives brands a better canvas than the iPhone.

At Empower MediaMarketing, we recently worked with one of our clients to develop a campaign that harnessed the power of the iPhone. The objective of the campaign was to drive traffic to view videos on YouTube via mobile devices.  Our strategic approach leveraged the sophistication and user experience of the iPhone to run graphic and text banner ads with a call to action on relevant mobile web sites.  This approach was not only an efficient way to reach our target audience, but was also effective in delivering over 90,000 clicks to the YouTube videos; exceeding the industry click-thru rate for iPhone campaigns.

In addition to this campaign, we have implemented other mobile programs employing tactics such as downloadable applications, SMS text and mobile web advertising.  Empower has dedicated expertise to continuously researching, evaluating, measuring and testing the mobile space so that we can make strategic recommendations that enhance your marketing and media programs. 

By: Kyl Boggs, Media Innovation Strategist


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