When I saw Mary Meeker present at Conversational Marketing Summit, it was a race between my hands and my keyboard as to which one would fail first. The keyboard won as she moved through her Internet trends presentation with the substance of an academic and the speed of an auctioneer.

Meeker’s All Things D presentation maintained her “legendary” style. But it’s less style and more substance with her presentations.

Early Results on Local, Social, Mobile
The above interview summarizes Meeker’s slides wherein she notes the industry is “still figuring out local and social, but we’ll get there.” Monetizing mobile content remains challenging, in part as mobile adoption is still in early stages, but adoption rates are increasing rapidly.

Business Model Innovation
Meeker also looks at several business models being re-imagined and re-invented thanks to mobile and social. And while “there’s a lot to excited about in technology, there are things to be worried about regarding America’s financial situation.”

Whether you try to navigate the slides or watch the video, it’s time well spent.

:: By Kevin Dugan, Director of Marketing Cross-Posted to my Personal Blog 

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