On the heels of the American Advertising Federation’s annual “Admerica” conference, it’s apparent that the change throughout our industry has a common theme of mobility.

Whether the topic was focused on online advertising, mobile, TV or social media , the conference sessions I attended all showed the impact of media technology convergence.

Digital is all about mobility. Whether your discussing tablets, phones or another screen entirely, innovations in cloud computing and general connectivity mean mobile isn’t limited to outdoors. It’s always on.
Mobile is more than a phone. It provides consumers mobility and a seamless media experience  (there’s that word again).
Television is being watched on the best screen available. And that screen is usually complemented with a mobile device if it’s not the primary screen being used.
Social Media on 2nd and 3rd screens ties offline experiences together. Mobile + Print or TV brings social media into the viewing experience to increase consumer engagement with content.
All mediums require companion creative for the phone. Starting with the mobile device and extending it to other platforms saves a lot of rework when mobile is being added as an afterthought.

This is a 30,000 foot view. There were other things I learned at ADMERICA this year, but after hearing about “the year of mobile” for the last five years….2012 just might be it. And regardless of whether or not the industry delivers, one thing is clear – mobile is a much more pervasive concept that extends well-past the phone to impact consumer habits as a whole.

:: By Rose Wesselman, director, client leadership
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