“Half of my advertising is wasted…but I don’t know which half.”

The above, timeless quote is commonly credited to John Wanamaker, a retail merchant who today is hailed as one of retail’s founding fathers. It doesn’t matter who said it, but it does matter if marketers today are saying [...]

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While tracking the convergence of media technology, Empower MediaMarketing has noticed an influx of new business models, ideas and opportunities. This “new entrepreneurism” is something in which Empower is investing time and resources.

In addition to our work with classes and projects for several university programs, we’re proud to be a part of The Brandery.* The [...]

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10 Ways Agencies & Media Are Changing View more presentations from Empower MediaMarketing

Empower CEO Jim Price joined a variety of entrepreneurs, academics, venture capitalists and area leaders to discuss innovation.

“All About Innovation” was sponsored by Enquirer Media and [...]

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Above: Visualization of the United States based on distance to the nearest McDonald’s (Via Data Pointed)

Wikipedia notes data is “the lowest level of abstraction from which information and then knowledge are derived.” But it’s currently at the highest level of priority with marketers.

eMarketer tells us that CMO’s across the [...]

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Many of our clients ask Empower’s opinion on mobile and want to know how they can take advantage of mobile devices to drive their business. It’s reassuring to know clients are considering the seemingly ubiquitous presence of mobile in consumers’ lives.

The opportunity for clients is the same as the challenge — [...]

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NOTE: This is the second of two posts summarizing the various changes and news coming from Facebook last week. The first post is here.

Mark Zuckerberg took the stage at Facebook’s f8 Developer’s Conference last week to announce the next evolution of Facebook. Updated personal profiles, changes to Open Graph and integration of media platforms [...]

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