Punch lines, one liners, tweetable inspirations, all speakers have them.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this year’s PRSA International Conference.

1.)    “If you want to catch a fish, you need to think like a fish. Use the bait fish like, not the bait you like. If you want to engage a reader, you need to think like a reader. Use the content your readers will like, not the content you like.” – Ann Wylie

2.)    “Earn leverage because a loyal fan trumps a neutral party.” – Chris Brogan

3.)    “Stories are more than compelling facts. People remember stories more than they remember statistics.” – Soledad O’Brien

4.)    “Business is about belonging which means inclusion is the new black.” – Chris Brogan

5.)    “You need to write for humans not for Google.” – Ann Wylie

6.)    “Website is homebase. Facebook should never be homebase. You are a visitor to Facebook.” – Chris Brogan

7.)    “Nobody wants a quarter inch drill. They want a quarter inch holes. Stop selling the drill and start selling the hole.” – Ann Wylie

8.)    “The future of your business should not be about technology, it should be about the people.” – Geno Church

9.)    “Cultivate visibility because attention is currency.” – Chris Brogan

10.)  “You don’t target your audience, you channel your audience.” – Geno Church

:: By Ashley Walters, APR, Word of Mouth Marketing Manager
Ashley attended the 2011 Public Relations Society’s (PRSA) International Conference. She oversees Influencer Marketing for clients across multiple categories and is a Board member for Cincinnati’s PRSA Chapter. She’s also available on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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