Ad Age Interact App: A True Print & Digital Integration

The Ad Age Interact app, recently released as a companion to the print version, allows readers to easily share printed content via social networks and email. The print edition redesign features “Share This” callouts where scanning and sharing are available. The app (free to download) is intuitive and simplifies sharing to only three steps.

Auto-Generated Posts
While the success of QR codes to date is debatable, Ad Age has leveraged similar technology to satisfy an unmet need. Rather than being driven to the digital reproduction of printed content, the user is pushed to an auto-generated post format to make sharing faster. If you’re like me, sharing printed content typically involves taking a photo, sharing from the phone’s library, composing the post and providing the correct link. Even then, it is unlikely viewers can actually read the content.

Will This Spell the End for Ad Age Print Edition?
Ad Age’s commitment to simplifying sharing demonstrates that the industry publication has no intention of eliminating the print edition, but it instead aims to improve the user experience by adding a share-friendly digital extension. While the Interact app houses the Ad Age mobile edition for users who want to read more, the app serves a more functional purpose — efficient content sharing.

Hats off to AdAge for not allowing the app to become a mere duplication of the print edition, a common temptation for print publishers testing the digital waters. I hope to see more publishers connect print and digital media in a way that helps brands achieve seamless, cross-channel integration and a streamlined user experience.

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Ryan Derrow
Ryan Derrow

Ryan is Vice President of Media at Empower MediaMarketing, one of the largest independent media agencies in the country. His team plans and executes integrated and programmatic media for clients like Bush's Beans, Dremel, Famous Footwear, LasikPlus, and Rust-Oleum.