Bing Challenges Google to a Search Off

In an attempt to lure users away from Google and to prove its search engine is the “better” choice, Bing launched a new campaign recently: Bing It On. Bing asks users to participate in a blind comparison test between their engine and Google. It’s reminiscent of the infamous Pepsi Challenge campaign. Bing claims that, in a blind test, users choose Bing two-to-one over Google.

Searchers Chose Bing
These claims are based off results from an independent research study where 1,000 participants were asked to complete 10 side-by-side searches. All branding, navigation and additional elements (social search panes, knowledge graph, and ads) were removed. The final results concluded 57.4 percent of users chose Bing, 30.2 percent chose Google and 12.4 percent of the results ended in a draw.

More Than a Challenge
It’s no surprise Bing is taking full advantage of the positive outcome by launching a nationwide ad campaign. With online and television ads, the new campaign will show people in San Francisco (Google’s backyard) taking the Bing it On Challenge and showing their reactions when choosing Bing over Google. Bing is also running a Bing It On Sweepstakes through Twitter where people can win a Microsoft prize package complete with products such as an Xbox 360, Windows 8 PC or a Windows phone — amongst others.

Can Bing Change Consumers Search Habits?
This campaign shows the obvious notion that Bing believes it is the better search engine. But will it change consumer search habits? In the short term, no. One campaign will not change search habits, but it can start a conversation. And in this case, a conversation is a step in the right direction to start changing perceptions and increasing awareness.

Will Bing Overtake Google?
Bing is David to Google’s Goliath in this battle. Bing’s improvements to the quality of results, and showing positive user preference to Google, is a start. But in reality this will be a long, hard-fought battle. It won’t be as simple as using a slingshot to best Google in this example.

Be sure to try out the Bing It On challenge; the results may surprise you.

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Lisa Mieskoski
Lisa Mieskoski

Lisa Mieskoski is a search marketing specialist at Empower MediaMarketing. Lisa assists in researching, building strategies, and optimizing campaigns for various clients to improve their organic search presence. She comes to Empower from Kent State University where she received a degree in Managerial Marketing.