Telemundo’s Diversification

Telemundo has already had a successful 2012, and now it’s launching a new advertising platform called Telemundo Plus.

Bilingual Opportunities
Telemundo Plus will allow brands to show their spots in either Spanish or English. Now advertisers without Spanish creative don’t have to look crazy with kung-fu-movie voice-overs. Advertisers can now show their spots in either English or Spanish on any of the NBCUniversal-Comcast family of networks.

Advertisers will be able to focus their ad buys on specific geographic areas of Latinos, like a neighborhood of English-speaking Hispanics in New York or a neighborhood of Spanish-speaking Hispanics in California. Advertisers will also be able to show an English-language ad during Spanish-language shows and a Spanish-language ad during English-language programs.

Getting REALLY Local
Telemundo now offers the technology to get ads into the specific ZIP codes and neighborhoods. Telemundo Plus allows advertisers more geotargeting and language preference options. Toyota and T-Mobile are testing this platform.

Constantly Evolving
Expect to see more innovation and new targeted ideas from Telemundo and the NBCUniversao family.  Telemundo and iVillage launched a bilingual website earlier this year. They have also announced two bilingual novellas that will premiere and air online. As the U.S.’s demographics change and the younger, more bilingual, Hispanics become a major player in purchasing power, you’ll see more crossover attempts to capture people who live in both English and Spanish worlds.

Source: The New York Times

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Dave Werner
Dave Werner