Editorial: Context and Consistency Rule Place-Based Advertising

I recently attended the Digital Place-Based Advertising Association’s annual conference in New York City. As we are living in a multi-screen, always-on culture, the conference’s “video everywhere” theme was certainly relevant. I currently plan and buy out-of-home media, plus I have a background in broadcast media, so I strongly believe in the power of contextually relevant, out- of-home video advertising.

‘Context Is Queen’

Jon Bond, chief tomorroist of Tomorro LLC, presented creative, timely ideas at the conference. I loved his statement that, “if content is king, then context is queen.” This certainly speaks to the strengths of running video in out-of-home spaces. Seeing a video ad for deodorant while at the gym, for instance, creates synergy between the advertiser, physical space and consumer.

Limit Creative Executions

However, I disagree whole-heartedly with Bond’s assertion that advertisers should customize each piece of video creative according to its intended location. Marketers should definitely run out-of-home video ads. And while a great message is a must for any successful campaign, not every space needs different creative. Place-based media reaches consumers while they are out of their homes, living their lives. Running the same creative on TV, online and out-of-home creates frequency and reinforces the message. Numerous different ads in different media and locations undercuts, instead of strengthens, the brand voice. The passé notion that an out-of-home video campaign requires multiple creative executions stops some advertisers from running in relevant spaces and possibly limits their media buys to traditional media.

Rather than worry about customizing multiple iterations of their message, advertisers should be more concerned about delivering their message to their consumers, wherever they may be at that moment.

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Gretchen Reisner
Gretchen Reisner

Gretchen's deep expertise in broadcast, print and out-of-home is an asset to the programmatic buying team as more media spaces are being bought programmatically. Gretchen views media agnostically and believes in results-driven media plans.