Engaging Audiences with Cinema

Recently I read a blog by Scott Aughtmon that declared cinema advertising is content marketing. While I love cinema ads, and have touted their excellence, I had never thought of cinema in the content marketing space; but Scott is absolutely right. How can advertisers use their assets/content in the cinema preshow to better engage with this highly attentive audience?

Executive Decision
With cinema, advertisers need to decide whether to create a spot specific for cinema or run their current TV creative. Either will work — the decision should be made based on what other media is running and the goals and objectives for the campaign. Already-created spots are great as an extension of your TV campaign, but if cinema is standing alone or has different objectives, a new spot should be created.

The Right Stuff
As with all marketing, advertisers need to align their message with the audience. The two major players in the cinema advertising space, National CineMedia (NCM) and Screenvision, offer the ability to target movies by rating and by 2-D versus 3-D. If the advertising message plays better to families, run in G and PG movies; if the message is more targeted to adults, run in PG-13 and R movies. Whether or not to do 3-D is still a question — you may capture an audience more willing to pay premium for products that are perceived as the best, but the pre-show is also run in 3-D, and there is an added expense to convert a message into 3-D.

A League of Their Own
Advertisers need to look at all tools in their arsenal and how all the pieces fit together. Cinema vendors can offer integration with mobile campaigns. While both vendors have mobile apps, Movie Night Out and Screenfanz offering movie reviews, trailers and theatre locators. Screenvision has taken it a step further, allowing advertiser to not only sponsor content but create it for their pre-show as well as their app. This content can range from custom trivia questions to microgames to branded sweepstakes.  There are many creative ways to make audiences connect to your message.

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Gretchen Reisner
Gretchen Reisner

Gretchen's deep expertise in broadcast, print and out-of-home is an asset to the programmatic buying team as more media spaces are being bought programmatically. Gretchen views media agnostically and believes in results-driven media plans.