Facebook Offers Sponsored Results for Advertisers

It started on the side, then they came to the middle and now you’ll see them top of page. You guessed it, paid social media. Facebook launched Sponsored Results this past week. Facebook nicely explained these units as “ … a great way for you to drive more awareness of your App, Page or place. We are making the API available for developers to sponsor search results.”

Type-Ahead Results
Marketers are now able to target Facebook users searching for specific Apps, Pages and Places into the type-ahead results that directs consumers to their own App, Page, custom Page Tab, or Post. Brands are not able to drive traffic to specific URLs because Facebook wants to focus on internal use only.

These ad placements are located in the “Search for People, Places and Things” section. As expected, Sponsored Results can appear above the organic results. One bold word in a gray box, “Sponsored,” separates your organic results from the paid advertisements. This subtle advertisement is a great way to garner interest from your competitors.

Zynga and Match.com were two of the first advertisers to take advantage of Sponsored Results.

This desktop-only opportunity is similar to Google, but only in appearance. Advertisers don’t chose a keyword list. Instead they actually bid on specific entities such as Pages, Places or Apps instead of purchasing the specific phrases.

Facebook’s 70-Character Messages
Sponsored Results are available on a cost-per-click and cost-per-thousand basis. A 70-character message appears adjacent the creative. The minimum bid price if the advertiser is using these ads for an entity they are already promoting is 1 cent. For all other Facebook entities, the minimum bid is 15 cents.

As Facebook continues to expand its advertising opportunities, this feature is sure to change based on user feedback. Be sure to consider Sponsored Results and how it might complement a larger ad campaign.

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Dave Werner
Dave Werner