Following Video Content Trends: a Local Broadcast Buyer’s Perspective

In the TV broadcast world, advertisers want live viewers. Live viewers, same-day ratings and positive social chatter equal television marketing utopia. Needless to say, brands are taking steps to make this ideal a reality.

Dunkin’ Donuts TV Spot Originates on Vine
Dunkin’ Donuts took a big step toward making that happen by launching the first TV ad comprised completely of Vines. (For the uninitiated, Vines are six-second videos created using Twitter’s Vine video app.) While brands have been striving to merge television and social media, Dunkin’s efforts are an example of some of the tightest integration thus far.

Dunkin’ Donuts’ Vine ad ran just before a Monday NFL game as part of its full-season ESPN sponsorship. This month, the brand launched its #mydunkin Twitter hashtag campaign, encouraging fans to interact with the brand and offering them a chance to appear in a Dunkin’ Donuts commercial. If this were an NFL game, Dunkin’ scored a touchdown thirty seconds into the first quarter. All other brands are struggling to catch up. However, other marketers are gaining yardage. Virgin Mobile created a 30-second spot comprised of fans’ Vines, and Nissan is planning a Vine-centered effort.

Media Buyers Evolve
Media buyers are becoming more aware of social media’s usefulness in gathering data about the viewer, but this is a giant step in merging the two. As a broadcast buyer, the trend of live television “events” makes my job of following specific content versus a general medium that much more critical.

It’s important for advertisers to understand that broadcast buyers’ jobs are evolving. It’s like the NFL is media, and media buyers are in a fantasy football league, watching how teams change. We have to realize that video content encompasses much more than broadcast TV.

Sharing the Love
Dunkin’ Donuts lovers are like NFL super fans, making the fast-food chain the market leader in multiple coffee categories, as well as the donut, bagel and muffin categories. It’s no wonder it keeps fans sharing their love of the brand with #mydunkin.

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Melissa Mann
Melissa Mann

During her 10 years at Empower, Melissa has had extensive media experience on the Local Broadcast, Out of Home, and Digital Audio teams. Her client category knowledge extends to every client Empower served, since she first joined the company. This includes, Retail, QSR, Entertainment Parks, Grocery, Tourism, Banking, and Online Consumer Goods. Melissa also trains Empower teams on Local Broadcast best practices.