Google Acquires Wildfire

Google recently acquired enterprise social media marketing provider Wildfire Interactive, adding one more notch to its ever-growing belt of acquisitions and offerings. Wildfire helps users advertise across multiple social platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It will exist alongside DoubleClick and AdX Exchange, who together will serve as Google’s ad-serving platform for the social space.

If at First You Don’t Succeed
This acquisition follows Google’s failed attempt to acquire enterprise social software provider, Buddy Media, which was acquired by customer relationship management giant And while Wildfire aligns nicely with Google’s other ad-serving offerings, it will force yet another awkward interaction with rival Facebook.

But, if “Rocky III” has taught us anything, it’s that two heavyweights (and long-time rivals) can become friends. It may take a few intense training montages and a couple of awkward, near-shirtless hugs to get it right, but there is hope that they’ll eventually be able to work it out.

All kidding aside, forced interaction between companies that historically don’t get along tends to result in at least some amount of friction. Look for the inevitable “butting of heads,” with Facebook restricting Wildfire in some way or another in the future. It could also take a more serious turn with Facebook denying Wildfire access to its platform all together.

The Devil Is in the Details
Data is the main cause for concern here; since this acquisition gives Google access to more social data than it’s ever had before. This doesn’t signal the opening of the API floodgates between these two parties, but it does mean Google and Facebook will most likely have to figure out how to conduct business amicably. And this is something that may be easier said than done.

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Chris Reebie
Chris Reebie

Chris is a director on the search team at Empower, where he has been helping brands successfully devise, implement and manage their paid search initiatives for almost a decade across a wide variety of industries including retail, consumer packaged goods, pharmaceuticals and education. His forward-thinking tactics focused on the areas of bidding, targeting and testing have helped ensure his clients can successfully navigate the hostile waters of the highly competitive paid search industry.