Google Pushes Local Targeting

Google has been pushing search ads to go local. Creating local search campaigns will only make it easier for consumers to locate and visit your business. An ad that is targeted to the searcher’s location or contains an address is more likely to receive attention. Google has created multiple ways to make it easy for customers to locate your business.

Airport Targeting
The newest location-based marketing from Google is targeting airports! This targeting allows you to zero in on more than 350 airports around the world. This new setting is designed to reach people who are searching on the go with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Through this targeting, relevant businesses have the opportunity to advertise and build brands.

Google's Airport Targeting

Location Extensions are a great way to advertise local address directly from a search result page. Google has now made these extensions even more valuable by making the expandable map panel larger and more engaging. Google explains, “Early testing suggests that users will click to see locations on a map more frequently than with our previous design.”

Larger Map Extensions

Nielsen Targeting
Google announced an even more precise way of reaching your audience a couple of months ago with the release of Nielsen targeting. Nielsen targeting adjusts a region’s radius to match a TV-based audience. You will notice geographic shapes will be slightly different than using the traditional metro targeting.  Using Nielsen will likely increase the traffic for advertisers by reaching a more exact location.

ZIP Code Targeting
AdWords targeting was enhanced a few months back when they introduced ZIP code targeting. This targeting was meant to mimic a direct mail campaign or newspaper ad. Now advertisers can reach more than 30,000 U.S. ZIP codes within AdWords. Campaigns can target up to 1,000 unique postal codes at a time.

Local Extensions
Local Extensions have been around for a while but have remained one of the most important features for a local marketing campaign. Adding your local business address can give potential customers more reason to click on your advertisement.

Locally relevant campaigns have the potential to reach a more qualified audience for your business.  With the increased usage of smartphones, we can only assume the importance of localized search will continue to grow. Give consumers what they are looking for, and spruce up your ads today by adding local targeting.

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Iris Sunshine
Iris Sunshine

As a search specialist, Iris is responsible for developing, implementing and managing search campaigns. With 5 years' experience under her belt, Iris consistently brings her clients the business results they want.