Does Your Brand Have a Mobile Advertising Strategy?

It’s safe for me to assume your brand doesn’t have a mobile ad strategy. Stats show mobile ad spend represented only 2.4 percent of total 2012 ad spending in the U.S. At the same time, consumers’ use of mobile devices is skyrocketing. In fact, at some point this year, there will be more phones on this planet than people. This disconnect between mobile usage and the amount of advertising on mobile devices represents a tremendous opportunity for advertisers willing to embrace mobile.

Challenges With Mobile Advertising
To be certain, there are challenges. Mobile advertising works best when it is brief and to-the-point. In mobile advertising, simple sells! Most mobile advertising now uses a call to action, such as driving traffic to a mobile e-commerce site or a retail location. However, a number of recent studies conducted by comScore and Insight Express conclude that mobile advertising can deliver significant lifts in both brand and message awareness.

In her recent Internet Trends report, Mary Meeker, managing director at Morgan Stanley, addresses this underspending in the mobile space. Meeker estimates that advertisers would need to spend $20 billion in mobile advertising to be proportionately equal to the amount of time that consumers spend on their mobile phones. Clearly, advertisers that quickly adopt a mobile advertising strategy will be rewarded with a less-cluttered advertising space and a potentially more engaged consumer.

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Julie Pahutski
Julie Pahutski

Julie Pahutski leads Empower’s Decision Sciences practice, which is responsible for media measurement, market research, and digital/web analytics. Her passion is data, whether it is for advanced targeting, media analysis, attribution modeling, or dashboarding. She spearheaded the creation of many proprietary tools at Empower, including Impact Moments® and MAPS (a geographical targeting system).