Nielsen & Adobe Partner to Measure Online TV

As further proof of the narrowing gap between offline and online television, Nielsen and Adobe recently worked together to create a system that measures online TV across all websites.

As a broadcast buyer, I know that — regardless of whether ratings are up or down — consumers are still watching TV. They’re just watching a greater variety of programming on a wider array of devices. Several decades ago, cable took shares from broadcast. Today, streaming services such as Netflix are getting in on the action, letting consumers watch their favorite shows at their convenience.

Following Consumers Across Devices
Thanks to this new measurement system, we’ll have a clearer picture of who’s watching what, regardless of how they’re watching it. According to Nielsen, its system measures “viewership across a range of devices, from PCs to smartphones to tablets, across a number of sites, including places such as, in addition to networks’ own websites.”

If marketers and their agencies know the target consumers are TV enthusiasts, they should shift their thinking and focus on content versus channel or device. Consumers don’t think “offline” or “online.” They think “video,” and brands need to do the same.

Measuring ‘TV Everywhere’
Consumers watch what they want, when they want. Marketers now have the capability to strategically target the right consumers for their campaigns and more precisely measure the results of those campaigns.

Melissa Mann
Melissa Mann

During her 10 years at Empower, Melissa has had extensive media experience on the Local Broadcast, Out of Home, and Digital Audio teams. Her client category knowledge extends to every client Empower served, since she first joined the company. This includes, Retail, QSR, Entertainment Parks, Grocery, Tourism, Banking, and Online Consumer Goods. Melissa also trains Empower teams on Local Broadcast best practices.