Streaming Media Part 2 – Consumers Want Content Everywhere and on Their Time

In an increasingly mobile world, media creators must cater to consumers who insist on infinitely portable, immediately available content.

Streaming content has improved each year, and consumption of it on mobile devices and Internet-connected TVs has also increased. Additionally, most cable stations now have apps that stream content to devices. The service is currently free to consumers; however, cable networks may take a cue from Netflix and Hulu Plus and start charging a fee.

“My Time” Content
A friend once told me, “I loathe the day I let a TV schedule dictate my time.”  Referring to cable, he was spot on. Increasing numbers of people are choosing what they want to watch and when they want to watch it via streaming. (The only content that remains unaffected is live events.) The popularity of digital video recorders (DVRs) is further proof the world is moving towards streaming its content. DVRs allow consumers to watch TV content when it is convenient. Streaming services do the same, except they do not need to be programmed. Consumers can simply click start, stop and even drag to specific scenes. DVRs are merely a stepping stone to streaming content.

Consumers demanding mobile content on their time is nothing new. The demand continues to grow each year and is propelled by the increase of available content. Whether it is social media content, written content or video content, each plays a part in consumers’ need for content on their device and on their time.

Check back for the third part of my series to see how additional competition will spur innovation in streaming services.

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David Germano
David Germano

David is the VP of Content Marketing for Empower Media Marketing, and runs Empower's Content Marketing division, Magnetic Content Studios. For more than 14 years, David has been helping brands develop sustained content marketing strategies and operate like media to build their own audiences. David is often speaking on the topic, and is a guest contributor to Content Marketing Institute.