Programmatic Buying Rapidly Expanding to TV, Print, Content Discovery

Not too long ago, the term “programmatic buying” applied strictly to digital display ads. We found three articles demonstrating that it’s spread outside this original, narrow application and is touching almost all aspects of advertising – from tried-and-true print to shiny-new native.

Adiant and Zemanta Set New Standard for the Programmatic Native Advertising Industry With Advanced RTB Technology Partnership
Digital technology company Adiant and content discovery firm Zemanta have teamed up to offer the first programmatic native ads. Buyers use Adiant’s Adblade exchange to purchase ads through Zemanta’s demand side platform. While this partnership may seem like a collision of marketing trends (programmatic buying and native advertising), it offers brands a data-driven way to distribute and optimize their native campaigns.

Time Inc. Brings Programmatic to Print
Media buyers now have access to audience segments as they purchase print ads through Time’s Global Exchange. Buyers can also select a rapid scale option and reach the 10-89 million readers of Time’s weekly titles. Although some interpret this as life support for a dying medium, programmatic print ads could pull marketers back by helping them effectively reach the right consumers.

Turbo Tax Becomes First Programmatic Ad Buyer on ESPN’s SportsCenter
The tax software’s ad was unique in that it was purchased programmatically, and in that it ran on a screen within the SportsCenter set. The transition from program to ad was seamless, and there were no other spots paired with Turbo Tax’s 30-second message. In an age when consumers go out of their way to avoid ads, this ad-within-a-program may be more palatable and less likely to be skipped.

As these stories suggest, those working in media must become versed in programmatic buying — regardless of their specialization. As the method becomes more widespread, anyone not familiar with it will be left behind.

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Melissa Booth
Melissa Booth

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