Safeguarding Against Click Fraud

While click fraud on mobile display is very rare, it is possible. That is why advertisers need to employ safeguards on both display and mobile ads to ensure they are delivered safely and accurately. It is important to use an ad verification partner such as Adometry, DoubleVerify or AdXpose to validate ad placements. These partners can not only ensure ads appear in brand safe content, but also that they avoid click fraud at all costs.

Heed the Warning Signs
Some warning signs of possible fraud include reporting a high number of conversions compared to impressions, or a high number of conversions from a select few IP addresses. Another red flag is seeing a high amount of impressions delivered internationally (assuming they were not purchased that way). Verification partners can help identify potential problems quickly, allowing you to take immediate action if needed.

In addition to using validation, it is also important that your mobile partner has safeguards in place to protect your brand. Millennial Media, a top mobile network, has this to say about how it protects advertisers against mobile click fraud:

•  The size and diversity of our network protects advertisers against click fraud.
•  We typically establish direct relationships with each of our developers rather than accepting bulk inventory from aggregators.
•  We carefully evaluate those developers before they can use our platform.
•  We use multiple automated techniques to protect against bots and to detect traffic patterns outside of expected norms.
•  We actively investigate apps and sites that display erroneous activity

As technology advances, so will the methods employed to tarnish your brand. Therefore, advertisers need to continue to work with vendors to employ the most effective measures possible to safeguard their investments.

Responding to recent articles published relating to mobile click fraud, this overview was written to demonstrate to how agencies should safeguard their clients’ brands.

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Lisa Kidwell
Lisa Kidwell