The New Google Adwords: Enhanced Campaigns

Recently Google announced the biggest change to its AdWords digital advertising platform since it launched over 10 years ago: Enhanced Campaigns. With Enhanced Campaigns, Google aims to help advertisers adjust to the multidevice world and reach the right audience at the right time.

What Are Enhanced Campaigns?
Enhanced Campaigns allow advertisers to manage different devices, bidding and complex targeting all within the same campaign. Desktops and tablets have been consolidated to serve as the “base” device, and mobile will be controlled by making adjustments to the base metrics.

The main features include campaign-level bid adjustments based on time of day, location and device; ads and sitelinks delivered based on device and context; and new conversion types.

The Good

  • Simplified account structure: It’s always been a best practice to separate desktop, tablet and mobile efforts for more exact targeting. The Enhanced Campaigns functionality allows one campaign to target all devices, minimizing the number of individual campaigns needed.
  • New conversion types: Calls that reached a specified minimum duration and digital downloads can now both be measured as conversions. Soon you’ll be able to track music and book downloads, offline coupon redemptions, and cross-device conversions as well.
  • Upgraded extensions: Users can now add sitelinks at the ad-group level, and sitelink reporting features individual link data rather than only aggregate campaign-level metrics. In addition, ad extensions can be scheduled to show only during specified hours.

The Bad

  • Tablet-specific options gone:  Since research shows similar behavior among tablet and desktop usage, their strategies have been aligned. As a result, advertisers cannot target tablets individually with specified ads and landing pages.
  • Big mobile changes: If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you will want to come up with one fast. With Enhanced Campaigns, you will be automatically opted into mobile devices. If mobile targeting isn’t desired, there is a workaround by setting the mobile bid multiplier to -100 percent. This also means mobile-only campaigns are no longer available.
  • Keyword control restricted: Since one set of keywords is now used across multiple devices, it’s no longer possible to pause a keyword on one device. Instead, if a keyword is paused, it will be paused across desktops, tablets and mobile devices, restricting the amount of control we have over individual keywords.

The Future
The ability to migrate current campaigns to the new Enhanced Campaign structure is already available within AdWords accounts. Google has mandated that all accounts are transitioned by June 30, 2013. After this date, all existing campaigns will automatically be migrated over, and all new campaigns will be set up as Enhanced Campaigns.

Stay tuned for the next article that outlines how to migrate current AdWords accounts to the new Enhanced Campaigns structure.

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Stephanie Snow
Stephanie Snow