Tips for Your Holiday Search Campaigns

Happy holidays! It may be a little early to break out the holiday decorations, but it’s not too early to begin preparing your search campaigns for the holiday rush. More and more people are staying by their computers for deals rather than going to a store for their holiday goodies. Use the following four tips to help strengthen your search campaigns in time for the holidays:

1. Ad Changes & Updates
Highlight any promotions your store may have within ads. Sales and discounts are always good, but don’t be afraid to think outside of the box. At the end of the 2011 holiday season,  comScore chairman Gian Fulgoni reported that “Consumers were especially attracted to the deals and discounts available through digital channels — particularly free shipping, which occurred on well over half of transactions this season.”

2. Budget Adjustments
The holidays equate to a spike in return on investment for retail sites. Holiday shopping starts as early as October, and you want to make sure you are planning your search budgets accordingly. Keep in mind, competition will be greater during this gifting time of year, so be prepared to raise search bids during the holiday months.

3. Mobile and Tablet Campaigns are Key
Provide mobile and tablet users an easy way to fulfill their searching needs. Create ads that are mobile or tablet specific, and link users directly to products they are looking for within your mobile site. Finally, many shoppers utilize their mobile devices to research while shopping, so it is important to optimize your mobile campaigns by geotargeting when possible.

4. Sit Back and Enjoy the Eggnog
Well you do have to do some optimization during this busy time of the year, but updating ads, planning out budget and optimizing for mobile users ahead of time should lead to a rewarding retail season.

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Iris Sunshine
Iris Sunshine

As a search specialist, Iris is responsible for developing, implementing and managing search campaigns. With 5 years' experience under her belt, Iris consistently brings her clients the business results they want.