Univision to Start Its First Digital Network

Considering the growth in the Hispanic demographic, the future is definitely the dual-language viewer.  It’s the guy who lives his English-speaking life at school or work and a Spanish-dominant conversation at home. We’re often told that Hispanics are early adopters of all things mobile/digital/technological/cool, so it stands to reason that Univision launched its UVideos site to appeal to young bilinguals on the go, especially after hearing the calls for more online content.

1,500 Hours of Programming
As of today’s debut, content will be available in Spanish, and some programs will have the option of English subtitles. Branded as UVideos, this digital network will offer more than 1,500 hours of long-form programming and 200 short clips per day free to users. Viewers can comment in real time through both Facebook and Twitter, making this a cross-platform opportunity for network sponsors.  Starcom MediaVest Group got in on the ground level with sponsorships from the Allstate, Microsoft and Wendy’s.

And just in time, Univison’s fourth digital-only telenovela “Te Presento a Valentín”  launches today as well.  Spanish-language cyberspace is a VERY popular place these days.

Can’t wait to see when/if it evolves to a TV-based venture.  From here on out, cross-platform really is the ONLY platform.

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Dave Werner
Dave Werner