Xbox Plans to Produce Premium Original Content

Nexflix, YouTube and Hulu better watch out. Microsoft recently announced plans to produce premium original content through its new Xbox Entertainment Studios. Although it’s still testing content and business models, Xbox says its first series will debut within a year.

Moving Beyond Games
Xbox wants the world to know that it’s more than just a gaming console. Consumers use the device to obtain a variety of entertainment content. Publishers are starting to create premium content and branching out into new categories, such as HBO-quality drama series, reality shows and live events.

Purchasing Xbox Media
As a media buyer, it’s wise to keep an eye on this technology as it evolves. But we understand the metrics are not anywhere near perfect. Empower’s Media Planning and Buying team could purchase Xbox broadcast advertising through cable networks (e.g., National Cable Communications). However, this would mean male-dominated reach, restricted spot placement and limited qualitative targeting. (Research is based on what information subscribers give to their cable provider, location-based details from Nielsen and where the Xbox was purchased.) While it’s a good complement to a buy, it’s not worth the time, money and lack of targeting to be used on its own.

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Melissa Mann
Melissa Mann

During her 10 years at Empower, Melissa has had extensive media experience on the Local Broadcast, Out of Home, and Digital Audio teams. Her client category knowledge extends to every client Empower served, since she first joined the company. This includes, Retail, QSR, Entertainment Parks, Grocery, Tourism, Banking, and Online Consumer Goods. Melissa also trains Empower teams on Local Broadcast best practices.