Cleartrade Mark_4-01ClearTrade® is Empower MediaMarketing’s proprietary programmatic buying solution. As you’ll see in the video below, ClearTrade uses automated buying specialists to execute and optimize advertising efforts across channels, including display, social, video, audio, mobile and out-of-home.

Breaking New Ground in the Programmatic Era

Empower’s programmatic buying solution is more efficient than other agency trading desk solutions. This efficiency comes from pricing ClearTrade with fair and transparent fees, rather than hiking up those fees and not disclosing them with clients. ClearTrade is a transparent solution. This means our clients have access to every detail behind their programmatic campaigns. ClearTrade clients always know how much they are paying for each buy, the sites on which their ads run, the optimizations being made to drive performance and detailed audience descriptions about which consumers are interacting with the brand. ClearTrade is run by our integrated, internal buying team to deliver synergy across your campaign activations. This allows for audience and environmental intelligence to be passed across teams, and for optimizations to be made within and across channels—driven by what is working best. ClearTrade drives performance. Our in-house experts have been activating programmatically since 2009, delivering campaign success across a variety of clients and categories.

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For more information on how programmatic buying can help you reach your media and marketing goals, contact Renee Collins at 513-719-6424 or via email.


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