3 Things Brands Need to Know About Vine

Vine, a mobile video app owned by Twitter, is less than two weeks old and some readers may already be tired of hearing about it. Whether you hope Vine thrives or withers, here are three things brands need to know now about the shiny-new app.

1) It’s All About Twitter: Some feel that Vine is as important to Twitter as YouTube was to Google. It can help keep visitors on Twitter more engaged with content. This is great news for brands investigating paid media options with Twitter.

2) The Controversy and Mocking Are Good Signs: Vine stumbled initially when pornography was posted to the app just a few hours after launch. But it’s taken steps to address this issue. This controversy, and pundits mocking Vine, seems to point more to the possibilities of the app than the potential issues it might have moving forward.

3) The Bottom Line Is the Golden Rule: If you’re wondering whether or not your brand should invest time in Vine, it comes down to a few simple questions:

  • Is your audience using Vine?
  • Is your audience using Twitter? For now, Vine is more of an extension of Twitter than a standalone social video platform. If you’re posting to Vine, make sure you also post to Twitter.
  • Does Vine allow you to reach your audience more effectively? If it doesn’t help increase engagement, it’s just shiny-new noise.

Tap Into the Vine App
If you’re interested in learning more about the app, there are already several sites that allow you to browse Vine posts without an account. Check out this Fast Company article, “7 Places to Watch Videos on Vine.”

As far as which brands are doing what, it’s still early. A lot of brands have secured their accounts, but only a few are posting to them just yet. I enjoyed this how-to Vine from Jo-Ann Stores.  Xbox is experimenting with, it as is Gap. Brands like Nilla Wafers and Wheat Thins are using it as an opportunity to play with food. Brands will certainly find new ways to tap into the stop motion appeal of Vine in the coming weeks.

Influenced directly by a post on my personal blog on the same topic.

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David Germano
David Germano

David is the VP of Content Marketing for Empower Media Marketing, and runs Empower's Content Marketing division, Magnetic Content Studios. For more than 14 years, David has been helping brands develop sustained content marketing strategies and operate like media to build their own audiences. David is often speaking on the topic, and is a guest contributor to Content Marketing Institute.