Brands Get the Picture on Instagram

Whether or not you or your brand is on Instagram, it can’t be denied that photo-sharing platforms are increasing in importance as visual content continues to become more and more popular. Consumers love this snackable, easy to share content. Here’s an overview of how brands are using Instagram, its popularity and what brands need to know about recent changes to the app.

Brands Get the Picture on Instagram

After Facebook acquired Instagram earlier this year, many assumed the popular photo-sharing app would disappear — folded into the Facebook platform. But Instagram’s user base has more than doubled since the aquisition news. As visual content rises in popularity, here’s what brands need to know.

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1) Instagram Users Post 10 Million+ Photos — on Thanksgiving Day: Washington Post acknowledges Instagram’s record for number of images posted in a single day. And it points to the natural reason behind its popularity: human behavior and our desire to use social media to “convene around universal experiences.”
Thanksgiving breaks Instagram recordsInstagram had reason to give thanks last week – more than 10 million reasons, in fact. Thanksgiving marked the busiest day in the social …
2) Five National Brands Doing Instagram Right: Delta, Nike, Starbucks, Red Bull and Urban Outfitters are all singled out for their Instagram efforts by YaYa Connection’s Ellen Bremmer
5 National Brands and How They’re Doing Instagram RightBy Ellen Brummer As many know, Instagram is the new hot toy among social media marketers, and over the summer, it hit a staggering 80 mil…
3) Instagram Opens New Brand Opportunities: How does Instagram’s new web profile enhancement help brands? Powerhouse Factories’ Taylor Wiegert walks through what brands need to know about the latest Instanews.
Powerhouse Factories Instagram Opens New Brand Opportunities – Powerhouse FactoriesThis week Instagram launched Web Profiles, a critical update considering the fact that up until this point any interaction with Instagram…

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