5 Reasons Why Brands Should Engage Bloggers

When executed correctly, blogger relations can offer tremendous benefits to the marketing mix of any brand. Here are the five reasons why marketers are racing to build their blogger networks.

Targeted Awareness
Blogger outreach will spread awareness among the niche groups who are more likely to be receptive to your brand messages.

Earned Credibility
Bloggers can provide the “proof” to a mass message, earning you credibility with the people who matter most.

Compelling Content
Brands who reach out to bloggers can harness a blogger’s voice to get their stories told through well-written posts, gorgeous photography and dynamic videos.

SEO for Life
Blogs are visited by search engines more often than static web pages, meaning your content will get noticed even faster.

Long-term Relationships
By developing mutually beneficial relationships from the beginning, you’re building a sustainable network that pays out over time.

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Ashley Walters
Ashley Walters