Obama, Reddit & the Rise of Niche Networks

Social news site Reddit hit 3.4 billion page views in August when President Obama hosted a live “Ask Me Anything” interview. Reddit’s brief moment in the mainstream allowed the site’s users to submit questions to President, subsequently crashing the site.

That President Obama took the time to connect directly with this niche social network is a telling sign. It speaks to the influence niche social networks can have on mainstream culture.

A Niche for Every Passion
Amateur athletes spend time on It’s My Play, a social network helping amateur athletes promote themselves to coaches and scouts.

Beer aficionados are to be found at Untappd, cataloging what brews their drinking and where to find them.

Compared to Facebook, these sites are important for their focus more than they are number of users.

According to Taylor Wiegert with Powerhouse Factories’ Consumer Experiences team, “When you dig into Facebook’s 951 million users, you find that your brand is actually going after a very small segment of that larger user base. However, there’s likely a niche social network that is completely concentrated with customers and potential customers.”

As a result, niche social networks may hold an important spot in a brand’s social marketing strategy. Wiegert and colleague Emily Worstell recently held a webinar on the topic. A slidecast of it is below detailing the trend and what marketers need to know about it.

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Kevin Dugan
Kevin Dugan

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