GoPro Shares the Secret of Video Engagement

GoPro is a driving force of content creation on YouTube. In addition to having YouTube’s most engaging brand channel, Google reports that 6,000 videos tagged with GoPro are uploaded to its video site — every day.

When your company sells cameras, these accomplishments are certainly easier to achieve. But GoPro’s unique approach to engaging consumers and brands is also a significant part of its success. GoPro’s social media manager, Andrew Shipp, shared the brand’s approach at a recent event.

Most Socially Engaged Brand
GoPro’s goal is to become the most socially engaged brand. To achieve this goal, it relies on its social presence as more of a distribution network for content created by its consumers and brands. By shining a light on this content, GoPro ultimately tells its own story and builds its army of brand fans in the process. If you visit any of GoPro’s four primary social properties, you’ll see much of its content is not created by GoPro. This video of a fireman rescuing a kitten and bringing it back to life is just one example.

So, how should a brand approach video content if its product does not directly enable the storytelling process? Shipp shared some concepts and tips that marketers can apply to their own efforts.

1) Wrap Your Brand Around the Audience: Brands typically ask their consumers to wrap around the brand — through a promotion or another, potentially time-consuming, approach. In addition to having photo/video of the day contests, GoPro actually seeks out much of its consumer content itself. Consider the positive impact from a more anonymous brand reaching out to an individual consumer and providing him or her value.

2) Learn Which Stories Your Consumers Want: By better understanding your consumers, you’ll identify the stories in which they’re interested. This can be done by sifting through search queries and social conversations. Telling stories your consumers have already expressed interest in ensures your content will engage the consumer.

3) Plan a Large Story, Then Tell It in Pieces: For the launch of its GoPro Hero+, the brand planned a broad narrative and played it out over the period of eight weeks. Thinking in terms of a broader cornerstone and defining its individual cobblestones is a critical approach to planning for strategic storytelling.

4) Measure for the Right Outcomes: Making a direct sales link to content is possible. But not simply by measuring engagement measures like video views and sharing activity. A broader measurement strategy, looking at a mutually agreed upon success metric, is critical to understanding social media’s role in the consumer purchase decision.

Content Begets Content
More takeaways from this discussion are shown below.

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David Germano
David Germano

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