Is BuzzFeed the Key to Highly Shareable Content?

The listicle clearinghouse, pop-culture commerce engine and general meme-propagating juggernaut, BuzzFeed, has been gaining traction across a range of media outlets recently.

From the National Republican Congressional Committee copying BuzzFeed’s content strategy via The Atlantic to Jonah Peretti’s algorithm that purportedly guarantees virality via New York Magazine, BuzzFeed is top of mind for anyone trying to craft compelling, shareable content. Regardless of the veracity of Peretti’s algorithm and the often impossible task of “making things go viral,” the underpinnings of prioritizing content that “reproduces” is an important concept for businesses looking to tap into a growing cultural movement.

A key component in BuzzFeed’s success is its understanding of context around site traffic (through analytics) and social segmentation of its audience.

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David Germano
David Germano

David is the VP of Content Marketing for Empower Media Marketing, and runs Empower's Content Marketing division, Magnetic Content Studios. For more than 14 years, David has been helping brands develop sustained content marketing strategies and operate like media to build their own audiences. David is often speaking on the topic, and is a guest contributor to Content Marketing Institute.