Social TV Battles for Your Living Room

Facebook and Twitter have always had a back-and-forth struggle for user attention and interaction, but that struggle has become even more contentious in an unlikely way. Each platform is positioning itself as the dominant social TV network.

Fifteen to seventeen percent of television viewers are using social networks in real time to discuss shows they are watching at any given moment, and an even greater number of people are using Facebook (83.7%) and Twitter (66.9%) in some way while watching television.

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Kevin Dugan

My content creation habits were formed as a kid -- filling notebooks with writing and taking stacks of pictures. These habits have evolved through my 20 years in marketing, as I’ve been immersed in all forms of content, social media and online technology. As Editor-In-Chief of Media is Power, I guide editorial strategy and ensure your needs are met. This is one way I help tell The Empower Group’s story as the director of content.

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