Social Media’s Impact on Brand Storytelling

This Guardian U.K. ad shows how social media has fueled distributed storytelling. Social media has consumers directly involved in how stories unfold, and the video #OpenNews retells the iconic “The Three Little Pigs” to detail this new facet of storytelling.

Facebook, Twitter & Storytelling
In recent months, Facebook and Twitter have launched their own storytelling sites. Facebook curates an ongoing video series based on a theme, while Twitter highlights a variety of different stories from its users. But regardless of how the sites are executed, it’s significant that the social platforms are tapping long-form editorial to show their offline impact.

Earned, Owned & Paid Coordination
How brands handle paid, owned and earned media convergence is becoming increasingly critical. Traditionally siloed brand teams are collaborating inside and outside their companies to coordinate the changing media landscape. A mix of technology, content and workflow are required to manage this effectively.

Industry Buzz at #PRSAICon
I’m speaking at the Public Relations Society of America’s 2012 International Conference, and learned of the Guardian project from PR Newswire’s Michael Pranikoff. The Facebook Stories site came to my attention through Flatiron Communications’ Peter Himler. They’re two of many presenters serving up examples of distributed storytelling, content marketing and media convergence. In fact, I’ll argue it’s the most paid media has been discussed at a conference for an industry known primarily for earned media.

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Kevin Dugan
Kevin Dugan

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