Twitter Changes’ Impact on 3 Stakeholders

Twitter began to roll out a design overhaul last week for many of its users, and everyone else will get it sometime within the next three weeks. The changes are quite possibly the most significant shift Twitter has undertaken since its launch nearly six years ago.

The changes span the Twitter platform, including:

  • its website and mobile app,
  • TweetDeck and
  • advertising — at least indirectly.

More importantly, the changes will be a shift for key Twitter stakeholders: users, brands and Twitter itself.

User Tabs Give More Options
The changes Twitter has made can be seen by users in five different tabs.

1) Home: The Home tab includes the stream users have always known, but users will also be able to see trends, recommended people to follow, their direct messages and so on. The Home tab’s appearance will be consistent across computers and mobile devices.

2) Connect: The Connect tab is one place where users can see all the activities ass with them and how others interact with their content. Users can view “Interactions,” which include retweets, new followers, who favorited a tweet and who added a user to a list. “Mentions” allow individuals to see tweets mentioning them.

3) Discover: “Whatever you’re curious about, Discover will help you find out more.” Discover is all about serendipity. This section contains stories and trends based on who you’re connected to, what language you speak and where you’re located. Serendipity is customized to the individual. Users can view everything about their connections’ content and activity, such as their lists, what tweets they’ve favorited, what they’ve retweeted and what they reply to most. This section also provides recommendations of who to follow based on your behavior to make your experience richer. Users can also search for accounts across categories like Entertainment, Sports or Funny.

4) Me (User Profile): The profile is a user’s presence on Twitter. This is where others can view one’s lists, favorite tweets, followers and shared content. For the user, this is where he or she will manage his or her direct messages, post a photo of himself or herself, add a bio, share a location and showcase a website.

5) Tweet: The tweet button is certainly nothing new, but it now sports a quill look instead of the pen look. Users can upload photos, link to videos or websites and add a location to their tweets.

The User Experience
The new Twitter experience for users is all about the individual. Everything is personal based on one’s individual likes and interests. The addition of the Discover tab makes Twitter’s utility far more apparent to new users, because it shows them why they might care to use Twitter.

Brands See More Potential
Twitter has taken the leads of Facebook and Google Plus by launching brand-specific pages for marketers. Previously, brands and users used the same Twitter profile layout.

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